June 23, 2011

More Glass Plate Flowers

My father in law, Jack, finished up more glass plate flowers for me.

I really ♥ them!

He made a feeder from a cake plate and bowl.
Jack is pretty handy and came up with a unique way to make these.

They were pretty easy to create. You do need a glass bit to drill through the plates.
He soldered a metal wood insert (it's threaded) into the end of a 4' piece of 3/8" copper tubing.
The end of the tubing is slightly bent. He put a finishing washer then a long screw through the first dish, a small washer, the plate, a small washer, then screwed it into the threaded insert.

Don't screw it super tight & bring them in before the weather turns really cold.


  1. Love these, Reen! So glad your FIL created them for you. I just "liked" Flea Market Gardening on facebook & they've got lots of great uses for glass outdoors. I'm going to use some of my less valuable cobalt collection outside!

  2. I love these and would try to make one myself but Was wondering what is a metal wood insert? what does it look like?


  3. Love these, what does an metal wood insert look like? and did he bend the pipes by hand or does he used something special to bend them?

    Thanks for this post.