April 28, 2013

The Baby Shower

Our oldest son, David, and his wife are expecting!
We will be first time grandparents in August.
'Rub-A-Dub-Dub A New Baby to Love' was the theme.
These were our centerpieces.
I got the small tubs and blue bath scrubbers at Dollar General.
I added vinyl dots to the tubs and made custom labels to attach to dowel rods that were secured in a small block of styrofoam in the bottom of the tub.
A little rubber duckie and a small bottle of bubble bath from Bath & Body Works were placed inside.
I filled little baby bottles with duck-shaped Runts candies and added tags cut on my Cricut.
I used Cricut Pens to write "Thank You"
The centerpiece tubs turns out so cute I made the Mom-to-be a larger version.
The big tub and duckie came from Target. I made a bigger custom tag to attach to a dowel rod.
The bottom of the tub has 2 packs of diapers. A blue blanket covers them.
The bow around the duck secures it to the dowel.
There's baby shampoo, wash, etc in the folds of the blanket.
I also made a Stork Diaper Bundle. About 1/2 pack of small diapers were rolled and rubber banded together in a pyramid shape. I cut a piece of cardboard for the bottom.
Flannel fabric was folded around the cardboard and tied with a double bow. A pacifier hangs from it.
The stork & 'Special Delivery' tag was cut from cardstock on my Cricut and attached to a painted dowel rod. The rod is stuck down in between the rolled diapers.
I made our son a "Daddy Doo-ty Apron".  A few brown splats are randomly embroidered on it.
Daddy Doo-ty Apron is embroidered at the top. Baby bottle nipples are glued on in the appropriate spots. Safety googles for and a face mask are attached.
A "Panic Button" is stitched on near the belly button with 'Call 1-800 GRANDMA' embroidered underneath.
'Wet' & 'Dry' pockets with rubber gloves, air freshener & clean diapers inside.
A pair of tongs to pick up those dirty diapers completes the apron.
Cute & fun :)
 We had duckie shaped iced cookies
As a rememberance of the day, I cut onesies from cardstock, again with my Cricut, and had everyone write a bit of baby advice on them.
They were hung on a ribbon clothesline with tiny baby clothespins.
As the gifts started to arrive, they were placed on a table decorated with a clothesline of baby clothes.
 Rub-A-Dub-Dub, I can't wait to get my hands on that baby to love :)

April 21, 2013

Flower Flameless Tealight Pins * Machine Embroidery

My Rose & Mod Flower Flameless Tealight Pins will make great gifts for Mother's Day.
These designs stitch up 'in your hoop' and are easy to assmble.
Make Mom a rose
or this cute Mod Flower
She'll love either one

April 13, 2013

** New Web Site **

Please visit my new & improved web site!
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