August 27, 2013

In the Hoop Leaves & Dollar Store Crafts

My new 'In the Hoop Fall Leaves' designs were created to be used with 
Texture Magic is a polyester fabric that when steam is applied, it shrinks causing dimension and texture in the fabric project it is being used in.
The leaf below is before steam is applied.
 Look at the dimension created after applying steam to the leaf stitched with Texture Magic.

There are 6 fall leaves in the set. They all stitch up quick!

 Use the finished leaves for a variety of projects.
Make brooches, wreaths, seasonal displays, etc.
I created these 2 projects with my Fall Leaves and things from Dollar Tree.
Each one was under or around $5.00 to make.
Here is what I started with from Dollar Tree. I didn't use everything I bought. I saved some things for other projects :)

August 24, 2013


I took a little time out and made something for me.
The frame is from Michaels. I didn't use the glass.
It's embroidered on linen using Scriptina and Caroline fonts.
The old spoons are glued on with E6000.
It will sit in an easel in my kitchen.

August 11, 2013

Bird Feeder - Glass Yard Art

I'm in love with my new bird feeder.
It's made from various glass items.
An egg plate, saucer, small pot, light fixture, etc.
The ceramic bird sits atop and adds color.
The bird is glued to the saucer which is glued to the pot. This lifts off to add the bird seed.
It's glued together with a waterproof epoxy.

August 10, 2013

Homemade Breast Pump Bras

We welcomed our first grandchild about 2 weeks ago.
He's simply precious :)

Our DIL wanted breast pump bras (not the same as a nursing bras). 
The pump bras needed to be ordered, are expensive and comfort is an issue.

She had comfortable bras she wanted to use and asked if I could help. 

I pondered how I could do this and immediately thought to use my embroidery machine. 
I was able to quickly digitize a large eyelet that I used to create openings in the bras to accommodate the pump part.

This is going to work out perfectly and be more cost efficient and comfortable.

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