June 29, 2011


My Elodie Lilies are starting to bloom.

I planted several varieties of lilies this past Spring. All sizes and colors.

I've got asiatic and oriental lilies spread throughout my garden.

I'll post more photos as they start to open.

June 23, 2011

More Glass Plate Flowers

My father in law, Jack, finished up more glass plate flowers for me.

I really ♥ them!

He made a feeder from a cake plate and bowl.
Jack is pretty handy and came up with a unique way to make these.

They were pretty easy to create. You do need a glass bit to drill through the plates.
He soldered a metal wood insert (it's threaded) into the end of a 4' piece of 3/8" copper tubing.
The end of the tubing is slightly bent. He put a finishing washer then a long screw through the first dish, a small washer, the plate, a small washer, then screwed it into the threaded insert.

Don't screw it super tight & bring them in before the weather turns really cold.

June 20, 2011

Vinyl for Mom

My Mother recently moved into an assisted living care center.
I decorated her room trying to make it look like home.

I made the sign with a file from Vinyl Ready Designs. I hot glued the silk flowers to the corners to dress it up a bit.

I separated out the vine and resized it to add to the chair backs. This 3 piece bistro set I found at WalMart was the perfect size for her 'kitchen'.

Mom is adjusting very well to her new surroundings ♥

June 19, 2011

Monogrammed Candles ♥ Vinyl


I'm trying to spiff up the mantle a bit.

I used my Cricut to cut out the monograms for the candles.

It really added to them I think.

I'm happy :)

June 18, 2011

Dandelion Wall Art

I love how these turned out. I cut the dandelions on my Cricut.
The files are from myvinyldesigner.com

The frames are approximately 12"x30" from JoAnns. They're not floating frames, just regular frames.

I had to paint the insides and trim off the little metal clips that hold the glass in so you couldn't see the inside of the frames or the clips from the front.

June 17, 2011

Glass Plate Flower

I LOVE this!

I was surfing the internet and came across flowers made from glass plates, saucers, bowls, etc. put on copper stakes for yard/flower garden decorations.

I went to the thrift store and picked up several pretty plates and bowls in different sizes. My father~in~law drilled the holes in them and put them together for me.

I'm planning on having several of these in my flower garden very soon :)

I'll post a photo when they're finished. They look beautiful in the sunlight.

June 16, 2011

Zippered Key Fobs Machine Embroidery Designs

My exclusive, unique Zippered Key Fobs are perfect for carrying a few small items plus your keys!

They're made completely 'in the hoop' on your embroidery machine.

My fobs can hold chapstick, a lighter, money, change, etc. The set includes a 4" & a 7" fob design and I've included files to use with key fob hardware or ribbon & a split ring.

You can view/purchase my new Zippered Key Fob files HERE

June 15, 2011

Stuffy Owl Design/Pattern Now Available

'Stuffy' makes a great friend for a little one or a cute home decor item for someone older or anyone whOO loves owls.

The finished owl measures approximately 10" x 10".

This project combines machine embroidery & machine sewing.

You can find Stuffy HERE

June 3, 2011

Frayed & Layered Flowers Set 2 !

My first set of Frayed Flowers was so popular, I had to create another set.

Use these fast, fun & easy to make flowers to embellish anything.
You can make them in a 4x4 hoop.

To view and purchase this set, click HERE