February 16, 2016

Purses Galore!

Embroidery Garden just sprouted some new purses! Have you tried the new Design Your Own Hipster Purse pattern? Below is a picture of the purses Reen made from this set. Click here to purchase this design. This design comes in three sizes; the 7x12, 8x12, and the 9x14. You can choose what front pocket you want and the lining for the inside.

 The Embroidery Garden has a beautiful collection of purses. Below are some examples of a few of Reen's clever and stunning purse designs.

Here is a fall sample of the 2 Zipper Purse Set. These purses also have a back pocket option. This pocket is a great place to add some contrasting fabric to the design. This purse comes in three sizes; the 5x7, 6x10, and the 7x12. In the picture below, you can see the 5x7 purse stitched out. This purchase comes with a flower embellishment. Click here for the 2 Zipper Purse Set.

A similar design but with a single zipper is the Hipster Purse set. You can click here for the set. This purse also has a back pocket that is perfect for a phone. This set comes in two sizes, the 6x10 and the 5x7. I used the back pocket on mine to make it look like the owl is peeking out. My owl purse is the 5x7 size.

One of my favorite purses in Embroidery Garden is the Cross Body bag. Below you can see that I also added a monogram. Most purses allow for a monogram after the quilting of that section is done or once you pull that piece of fabric over the batting that has been secured down. The Cross Body purse collection comes in 4 sizes; the 6x10, 7x12, 8x12, and the 9x14. Below is the 6x10 size. I also love the back pocket with the flap and the optional card lining. You can click here for the design.

The Embroidery Garden even sells patterns for a clutch! The Clutch Purse Set pictured below, can also be made into a purse with straps if you would like to add them. I love the card lining and large flap on this design. You can add a monogram to the flap if you so desire. Click here for a link to the Clutch Purse Set. This set comes in three sizes; the 5x7, 6x10, and the 7x12. Below is the 6x10.

The Pleated Monogram Wristlet is a very feminine and sweet purse design. I love the pleats added to the front of the wristlet. This wristlet comes in two sizes, the 5x7 and the 6x10. Below is the 6x10. You can click here for the Wristlet set.

There are several other Embroidery Garden purse designs. Click here to see all of our options! Please post your own purse creations from Embroidery Garden patterns on our Facebook Page or the In the Hoop Group

February 2, 2016

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. As a teacher, I loved getting little homemade Valentine's cards with a hand drawn picture. Over the years I have collected quite a few and have kept every one in a memory box.
Here are a couple Valentine ideas from the Embroidery Garden.

Below is a picture of the penguin softie. I added "#1 Teacher" where the instructions told me to add a name. I also created a teacher gift basket for my favorite Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Doppler, using this softie, some chocolates, and the Embroidery Garden's ruler holders. You could also add the glue stick holders in the basket as well. Teachers can ALWAYS use more supplies! Click here for the penguin softie. Click here for the ruler and glue stick holders.

Kids also love these little penguins. I love using the penguin and putting the kid's name on the belly or a cute heart created by Rhonda Sigrist. Below you can see the penguin softie with Embroidery Garden's Holiday envelopes. I like the small mailboxes available for a dollar at Target. It is always fun to pass mail back and forth:) Click Here for the holiday envelope set that also includes Christmas envelopes. These envelopes would also make a cute envelope for those student homemade pictures I talked about earlier. Click Here for Rhonda's sweet heart design as seen below on the penguin's belly.

Have fun and share your Valentine creations! The Garden looks forward to seeing your creativity!