April 8, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week part 2

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3, 2016. Here are a couple more ideas using Embroidery Garden designs to show that special teacher that you care.

A personalized key fob is the perfect little thank you for any teacher. Click here for the design. 

Most teachers LOVE coffee! If your little student's teacher is anything like me...they drink TONS of coffee all through the day. I used the Monogram Coffee Sleeve from Embroidery Garden and added "Best Teacher". Click here for the Monogram Coffee Sleeve. 

As a teacher myself, I really enjoyed making the snowballs for my kindergarten students. However, here is a Teacher Appreciation Day spin on the snowballs. Add "# 1 Teacher" to the face file of the Snowball. I used the fonts from my software. When sewing the panels together, insert a piece of Rick Rack folded upside down at the top of the apple. Once the panels are sewn together like the instructions for the Snowballs. Once the snowball is sewn shut, pinch the middle and sew down the middle like the tomato for the wrist pincushion. Make sure you catch the leaf in those stitches at the top too. Click here for the Snowball design. 

Teacher Appreciation Week part 1

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up! Here are some Embroidery Garden designs that are perfect for that teacher who works hard to educate your sweet student.

See Through cases are fantastic for teachers to use in the classroom and at home. I love putting golden tickets in my see through case at school. It allows for students to see them and get excited to earn them for other rewards. You can purchase this design by clicking here for the pencil cases. Click here for the see through cases.

A little softie is a perfect item to add a little note to your favorite teacher. This is the penguin softie that I added "#1 teacher" to for my favorite kindergarten teacher. This little fella accompanied with chocolate is the perfect gift for any teacher. Click here for the design.

Add a few of Embroidery Garden's flowers to a bouquet and brighten any teacher's day. You could add student's names the tops of the flowers after stitching the original pattern. Click here for the mega flower set.

Stay tuned for part 2 for more ideas using Embroidery Garden designs in new fun ways!