July 29, 2009

New Quilted & Plain Wristlets *InTheHoop*

My new Wristlets turned out so cute! I love the quilting on these and adding a monogram really makes them stand out.
I've created the designs in 5x7 & 6x10 sizes.
The 6x10 size is really roomy.
The 5x7 is perfect for when you want to run out for some errands.

Both Wristlets are made 'in the hoop'. The quilted Wristlets require 2 hoopings. The back of the wristlet is quilted too!

You can read more about these new machine embroidery designs here.

Here's the 6x10 Quilted Wristlet shown with a monogram.

Here are the 5x7 Quilted & Plain Wristlet. The Plain one has a monogram.

This photo shows the difference in the 6x10 & 5x7 size.


  1. The black one with red monogram is my favorite one. Great work.

  2. Thanks.
    That one's a great size to use when you want to travel light or go out for an evening with just a few things.

  3. im looking to get some custom work done for my clothing line, whats the best way to contact you?