July 7, 2009


Are you into machine embroidery?
Do you like to know what new designs are available?

If you want to find out what's new from your favorite machine embroidery digitizers without having to wade through a bunch of chit chat, this is the list for you.

We're all limited on time and we all know we spend too much time on the computer :)

I've created a new Yahoo group that will only contain ads from your favorite designers. There will be no chit chat to wade through to get to what we all want . . . to know what's NEW out there.

How many times have you skimmed through a list or deleted emails that were of no interest to you just to get to an ad you WANT to see?? Or have been on a list with so much drama, you couldn't wait to unsub from it.

You won't have that problem on this list. There will be no other posting than from approved digitizers.

The list is small now, but it's growing a bit everyday.
Please join and spread the word and the link to the list.
Click here to join!

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