July 23, 2009

Cake Pincushion & Wedding Keepsake ~ New Designs

How about a delicious chocolate cake with pink frosting . . . not to eat :) to put your pins in while you sew!
My new 'Piece of Cake' Pincushion (machine embroidery design) can be made in any flavor combination.

The sections of the cake are made & quilted in the hoop. Then you sew the sections together on a sewing machine.

There's icing on the end.

I've also created a Wedding Keepsake using my cake pincushion.
This one is made from my wedding gown and that's a bit of my veil in the ruffle on the top. I covered the sides with some of the lace from my gown.

I personalized it with our names and date of marriage.

I think this would make a wonderful gift for the new bride or a special anniversary gift for someone.


  1. So beautiful! I just was Blog surfing with the "next Blog" function. Wow, do you make these for $$ for other people. My son is getting married in March & this would be a wonderful little gift. I'd be interested. Linda in Washington state

  2. Thanks Linda.

    I'm glad you happened upon my Blog :)

    My main business is creating machine embroidery designs and selling them.

    If you would like to email me privately about a keepsake pincushion my email address is WilcoxsonR@aol.com