February 2, 2016

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. As a teacher, I loved getting little homemade Valentine's cards with a hand drawn picture. Over the years I have collected quite a few and have kept every one in a memory box.
Here are a couple Valentine ideas from the Embroidery Garden.

Below is a picture of the penguin softie. I added "#1 Teacher" where the instructions told me to add a name. I also created a teacher gift basket for my favorite Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Doppler, using this softie, some chocolates, and the Embroidery Garden's ruler holders. You could also add the glue stick holders in the basket as well. Teachers can ALWAYS use more supplies! Click here for the penguin softie. Click here for the ruler and glue stick holders.

Kids also love these little penguins. I love using the penguin and putting the kid's name on the belly or a cute heart created by Rhonda Sigrist. Below you can see the penguin softie with Embroidery Garden's Holiday envelopes. I like the small mailboxes available for a dollar at Target. It is always fun to pass mail back and forth:) Click Here for the holiday envelope set that also includes Christmas envelopes. These envelopes would also make a cute envelope for those student homemade pictures I talked about earlier. Click Here for Rhonda's sweet heart design as seen below on the penguin's belly.

Have fun and share your Valentine creations! The Garden looks forward to seeing your creativity! 

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