January 23, 2016

Sewing Room Organization

Embroidery Garden in the Hoop:
 Sewing space organization tips

Do you suffer from over excitement thread toss? I know I do. Sometimes I get so engulfed in embroidery that all of a sudden supplies and tools end up being tossed to the side and out of place. Before you know it, your poor sewing space is all in a heap!
Here are some tips on how to organize your sewing space to help you stay organized. These tips are inspired by Reen Wilcoxson, Jen Wilcoxson, and me (KC Wilcoxson).

-Organize thread by color.
This allows for you to quickly access the exact color and shade of thread you need. Pictured below is how Reen has organized her thread by using drawers and a product called Diamond Drawer Organizer. Not only does this product help organize by color but it also keeps the thread from moving around inside the drawer.

 -Stabilizer holder.
This allows for easy access to stabilizers and a cute way of storing them. The vinyl pockets allow for labels to be clearly seen so you know exactly what type of stabilizer is in each pocket without rummaging through a pile or a bucket of stabilizer. Pictured below is a stabilizer holder inspired by Jen Wilcoxson created from Gotta Stitch pattern by Janie Farnell.

-Ribbon Storage
Ribbon can be a tricky item to store away neatly. Reen and I prefer to store our ribbon using Swing Arm Slack Hangers. All the colors and patterns are visible from the display hanger. The ribbon stays in place and doesn’t unravel like it would in a drawer. These hangers free up a lot of storage space. If you don’t have a closet in your sewing area, you can always hang the hangers on a handle or even a wire from a shelf.

-Button Storage
Many people have a button tin. However, finding a particular button color deems difficult when all types and colors are freely roaming together within the same tin. I have found that office desk organizers help to separate buttons if you like to store them in a drawer. However, buttons can also make cute decor for a sewing space. Pictured below is a display in Reen’s sewing space. Reen used mason jars to store the buttons and set them on a cute wooden shelf. This gives Reen’s space a nice home feel.

-Bobbin Storage
It can be very difficult to find a way to store bobbins without the bobbins unraveling and getting into one giant tangle. While spending several hours roaming Pinterest, I found a simple and neat way of storing bobbins. Take a couple of toe separators, typically used for painting your toe toes, and place the bobbins in the toe separator. This would also help with organizing the bobbins by color if you place all of one color but different shades within the same toe separator. I don’t use very many different colors for bobbins so I use a desk organizer for mine. I found one that has a small enough compartments that holds my bobbins in a way where I can see the thread colors and the bobbins don’t roll around to be tangled. Below is a picture of the toe separator method as well as the desk organizer that I use in my sewing drawer.


-Fabric Storage
Each person has their own way of storing fabric. I find it very difficult to throw out any scraps that I could possibly use in the future for another design. I typically throw a piece in my scrap bin if it is 4in by 4 in or smaller. The rest of my fabric is hung up between metal shelves. This way, I can see what fabric I have and what fabric I need to get. I have also seen some women hang their large amounts of fabric on a blanket display.

 I really enjoy seeing other people’s techniques for fabric storage. If you have a snazzy way of organizing your work space, please comment below! We would love to be inspired by your sewing space!

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  1. This is a great article KC! Enjoyed reading through it and I love that you are sharing some of Reen's secret sewing room tips and tricks! LOL!