October 28, 2013

The T-Shirt Quilt

It took awhile, but the quilt is finally finished.
I worked on it off and on for close to a year.
It was made using 30 of my oldest son's race shirts.
David is a runner, marathoner and ironman.
Each shirt was washed and cut apart dividing them into fronts & backs.
I rough cut the fronts to around 15"x15" then ironed a lightweight fusible stabilizer (Pellon) to the backsides.
All the shirts were then cut to 14"x14".
The blue sashings were cut to 2 1/2" and I stitched 6 rows of 5 blocks each.
I had a local lady quilt it on a longarm machine.
She did a wonderful job on it.
I cut a continuous strip of binding 2 1/2" wide and machine stitched it around the quilt. I had to stitch it at the kitchen table to support the quilt.

The finished quilt measures approximately 80" wide x 95" long.
My son loved it.
I've very proud of all of his accomplishments!

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  1. I love this beautiful quilt you made. I bet your son did, too. I've just landed on your website. Gosh, you are so multitalented!!