October 3, 2013

In the Hoop Burlap Flowers

I love experimenting with my designs.
I stitched one of my Frayed & Layered Flowers using burlap instead of cotton fabrics.
I love how it turned out.
I'm working on a family photo project and a few flowers like this will be the perfect addition to it.
My In the Hoop Frayed & Layered Flowers Set 2 can be found on my site here:

I will post my finished project in a few days :)


  1. Those are really nice. I'm thinking they would look great on a fall wreath with pretty red and yellow leaves.

    1. Thanks Nancy! These flowers would look great in all colors. Burlap is now available in a wide variety of color.

  2. I purchased the flower 2 design and poinsettia, neither have directions using the burlap? Can I get those somewhere or are they the same as the felt.


  3. Hi,
    Instructions are included for stitching them on burlap as these ideas came long after the sets were first created.
    I hooped a piece of burlap and floated another piece under the hoop for the poinsettia and stitched it out.
    I basically did the same for the sunflower design. Don't use any batting or stabilizer. Only use burlap as you don't want any stabilizer, etc. showing on the finished flower.
    These ideas were discussed on my facebook page