February 26, 2011

Curtains for Mom ♥

Back in Jan. when Alex graduated & moved, we switched my Mom's room with his.

It's got a brighter window and the room is a bit larger. I finished up these curtains last week & made the small matching bathroom curtain today.

She loves the black & white damask rage now :) and I love grommets.
The bedrooms are a jack & jill style ( connecting bathroom ) so I like the flow of having the same curtain fabric in both rooms. I also made a curtain from the same fabric for the small bathroom window.

I've got a little fabric left that I could make either a 20x20 pillow or 2 14x14 pillows. I'll wait until I have some coupons for JoAnns for the forms.


  1. These are wonderful!! I am needing to make curtains and was thinking of putting tabs on them, but I like your grommet idea so much better!
    Hope I can find some large ones around here.
    And I have to agree, I love all the black and white that is out now!

  2. These are really pretty. How far apart did you space the grommets?

  3. These were spaced about 6 3/8" on center.
    You have to take the width of your finished panel and divide it by 8 (number of grommets).
    For example, if you finished panel width is 52", 52/8 = 6.5, each grommet will be placed 6.5" (on center) apart. There is only 1/2 space at the beginning and end. 6.5"/2 = 3.25", so the first grommet will be placed 3.25" (centered) from the edge of the panel, and each grommet is placed 6.5" on center so you will end with a 3.25" space at the end.