April 2, 2009

Grandma's Buttons

My husband's grandmother died recently. She was almost 94 years old.
Grandma and I had some of the same interests.

She sewed. Grandma was one of those people who could just look at something and cut it out and make it. No pattern, just cut and sew and it would turn out great. She was always making something for her grandkids and great-grandkids.

Everyone got a little something of Grandma's to remember her by. I got her button box and scissors. I love them.
I want to do some projects using the buttons, maybe a table runner with flowers and use some of the buttons for the centers.

I've been getting a wonderful response to my new Wrist Wallet and Baby Wrist Rattles.
As a spin-off, I'm going to do a Wrist Pincushion Set. Look for it soon on my site

Yep, that's one of Grandma's buttons on the top :)


  1. I LIKE this idea.. Sometimes I have to grab twice when picking pins up off the table top..because my pin box is too far away to I thorw them on the table then chase them arould trying to pick them back up...I can't wait for this one..

  2. This set will be ready next week :)