June 13, 2013

Fairy Gardens

I recently went to a class with my daughter~in~law to learn how to make a Fairy Garden.
The class was at Washington Nursery.
They had a lot of small plants and accessories to use in our gardens.
We purchased large glass jars with lids to build our terrariums in.

They're really easy to make.
Start with a clean jar, add a layer of pea gravel, horticultural charcoal and soiless dirt.
Add plants and little decorations to build a scene.
Add a very small amount of water and pop on the lid.
My first fairy garden is simple but sweet.
This one has one small plant, the small gnome reading a book and a few mushrooms.

The other one I made is larger with more plants, rocks, larger gnome and a few more decorations.
If these fairy gardens do well, I've got plans for a large one :)

1 comment:

  1. I Like the way you have made your fairy gardens :)) It will be interesting to see how well the plants grow in the little terrarium. :)) thanks for sharing :))