January 9, 2013


Is it too cold to go outside? Are the kids bored with their Christmas toys already?
Let them have a snowball fight inside with our soft Snowman Snowballs.

These spherical snowballs have cute embroidered faces and are easy to make with our included pattern.
We’ve also included a fun tag design and storing idea.
You can view more photos and read more about this fun set on my web site HERE.


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  2. Just visiting from Embroiderymad's blog. Love this but the link isn't working for me. I was finally able to find it through your search tool. I really want to buy the pattern, but don't understand what this project would entail. Two questions really. Is there a pattern for making the balls and would I need to embroider on a curved surface? One photo seems to show the design on a seam. Love this and so want to make some of these if it won't be too far over my skills.

  3. My Snowman Snowball set is here

    A pattern for making the balls is included. The section you embroider the faces on is flat when you stitch on it. Thanks