April 17, 2012

Memory Bears

One of my uncles died back in December. He was my favorite :)
My aunt came to visit recently and brought me several of his shirts.
She wants me to make bears for each of their grandkids from them. There are 2 boys & 3 girls.
Here are the bears I made for the boys.
I used an old McCalls pattern (#2271)
I cut the collars off the shirts and hemmed the bottom edge of them.
They buttoned around the neck and fit perfectly.
My uncle was a volunteer fireman. His fireman patches are sewn on the bellies :)

I sewed pockets from the shirts onto the back side of the bears.
My aunt will write notes to each of the kids and put a photo of them with my uncle inside the pocket.
I think they turned out pretty special. They went out in the mail today.
I'll start the ones for the girls soon. I'm thinking about adding raggy flowers to them using leftover scraps.


  1. Those are AWESOME!!!! Fantastic job, and so meaningful! I love it!

  2. A lovely Idea .. so beautifully made.. Thanks for sharing :))

  3. That is so special. They will mean a lot to them.

  4. Wow! What a special way to remember a special person. Great job.

  5. Do you make them for other people? I know someone whose father died and would like to have these made for the grandchildren.

  6. These are beautiful. Do you make them for others?

  7. Thanks. Sorry I don't make them for sale.