June 28, 2009

13.1 ~ DONE!

I've finished my Half Marathon training.
I ran the 13.1 miles today in just under 2:23.
Fortunately, the weather had cooled down a bit. I went out early. The last 2 miles were rough, but I made it :)
I'm going to take this week off of running and let my legs, hamstring & hips recover.
I'll gradually start back running again after the holiday weekend.


  1. Good going, Reen. Wanted to know when the wristlet purse will be ready to go. It is just darling. I know you are busy. We really want to try it out.

  2. Thanks!
    I should have the 6x10 PES format ready tomorrow - 7/01.
    I'll also have it in a 5x7 size, but that will probably be after the holiday.