December 23, 2010

Quick Stocking Stuffers

Time's running out for this Christmas.

I used Laurie Furnell's original printable to make these cute Lifesaver Snowmen.

I made the hats & scarves from fleece and added a mini candy cane when I tied the scarf on.

Quick, easy & cute!

Happy Holidays,

December 13, 2010

"6 Mondays of Snowmen" Project #6

Project #6 ~ Snowman Button Covers

You can use my Snowman Button Covers for a variety of projects.
4 sizes of buttons to cover are included ~ #45, #60, #70 & 2.25"(for a button maker machine)

You can use these for poy-Os, bow centers, pins, badge reel covers, paperclips toppes, etc. etc.

You can download these machine embroidery design files from EG's Yahoo group

Hope you've enjoyed all the snowman projects in this series!

December 6, 2010

"6 Mondays of Snowmen" Project #5

Project #5 ~ Snowman Ghriradelli Chocolate Square Holder

This cute little snowman can be hung on a tree, used as a package tie, given to co-workers, neighbors, etc. or as party favors.

There's a pocket on the back to hold a Ghriradelli Chocolate Square ~ Yummy!

You can download this machine embroidery design from EG's Yahoo Group

December 2, 2010

My new Zipper Case is ggggrrrrrrreat!

I've created another 'in the hoop' zipper case machine embroidery design.

My Lion, like my other cases, can hold a cell phone, etc.

Your embroidery machine puts the zipper in!

You can read more and purchase the file HERE from Embroidery Garden

December 1, 2010

I Love makin' Snowmen! . . . haven't I said that before

Don't ya' just ♥ that face!

The snowman head tree topper is from Big Lots.
I filled the jar with faux snow and silver snowflakes.

The lid is turned upside down and taped to the jar. The head fit perfectly on the rim!

I tied a bow around his neck and wa~la, another adorable snow guy